About Atharvaa

Atharvaa Cosmic Sciences and Consultancy is the result of 30+ years of study and research in the field of Occult Science having a specialty in KP Method of Horoscope. While, the study and research encompasses other branches such as Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu Reading, Tarot Card Reading and Dowsing.

We have a two-fold objective

  1. To Educate clients by providing easy to understand courses.
  2. To provide end to end consultation for special cases.

Atharvaa for Learners

We provide learning facility on our Course on KP Method that enables the student to find answers on their own with the very basic questions for which we visit or consult any astrologer more often. The cases includes Job, Marriage/Marital Success, Divorce/Second Marriage, Owning a Dream Home and Match Making Techniques that helps to match horoscope for marriages.

What’s more!!!! Lifetime support for any of student queries, to ensure that the readings they have done are validated and rectified.

Also Atharvaa provides Consultation in a full 360 ° view for the query asked, with a personalized report [Optional with a fee].

Now take a pause and think – Do you still want to spend the fees for your Basic Questions or want to solve it on your own and gain knowledge?

About the Founder

The founder has dedicated almost 30+ years in study and research of various occult sciences and have studied more than a thousand of horoscopes and successfully guided the clients for their queries / problems.